IT- Change and implementing


Hüther Consulting offers the following services:

- Long Term strategic IT planning

- Systems integration

- Technical management

- Enterprise installation and Migration

- Process Improvement

- Data & Network Security







Establishing entrance to EU or US Markets


Every country in Europe has so many different benefits, not to mention pitfalls.  Even those who know exactly which country they require, will find formation very difficult to set up due to the often complicated local legal processes and bureaucracy.

Our services covers the whole range, from operational spectrum, beginning with country suitability assessment, selection of proper business format, all the way to legal setup.  Instituting administration topics like, SOX, VAT, local GAAP reporting, AGB and or employee salary payment are in our repertoire. If you like we will even set up and run your complete admin department for an interim period.  Our contacts to the big four accounting companies and different chambers of commerce in Europe and USA allow us to service all your requirements. 



Change Management


It is the application of a structured process with a set of tools in order to lead the people side of change to achieve a desired outcome.  It is the only constant in any organization nowadays and a necessity for any company. 


Hüther Consulting with its colleagues divers from the conventional consultant by not only focusing on the best strategic and tactical plan but by having an intimate understanding of the human side of change.  We will align the company´s culture, values, people and behavior in order to encourage the desired results.


It is one of the most challenging tasks for a leader to introduce and implement. We tend to be resistant to change.  Through our solid methodology and disciplined approach to execute, Hüther Consulting makes the difference in the process and ultimately in the success.